We were lucky we’d called a company that could do such a good job so quickly!

After checking listings on the Better Business Bureau website, Coker was one of two places with a top rating that I called to pump our tank.  One gave me prices over the phone and said they wouldn’t touch the job if there were plants above the tank unless it could be located with a camera.  The other, Coker, said they’d send someone the next morning by 10 to give an estimate.  Robert Klaue arrived promptly and was clear, knowledgeable and courteous.  Despite large philodendrons atop the tank, he located it with a probe precisely and discovered on opening it that it wasn’t draining properly.  Within minutes he called the pump truck, and when the tank was drained, it was evident that the distribution pipe leaving the tank had dislodged and fallen below the outflow, so that the tank was no longer draining into the drainfield.  A Coker team (Greg and Juan) came with a cat/digger in the early afternoon and did a great job of repairing the old, sunken pipe with a sturdy PVC section, replacing the internal baffle as well. Meanwhile, Robert brought a steel lid and housing to cement to the tank to make maintenance cleanings easy, without the need to locate the tank in the future.  The team filled the holes and cleaned up the earth and rocks, so that the area is ready to have sod or plants covering it again–a job they don’t do, but that doesn’t make them different from any other septic company.  Although the work cost far more than a simple pumping, we were lucky we’d called a company that could do such a good job so quickly, and in a couple of years we’ll have a maintenance pumping that will be straightforward and economical.  Thanks Robert and thanks Coker!