Proper Care Of The Drainfield Area

The drainfield is ideally located in a sunny open area for maximum evaporation. Trees and shrubs should not be planted near the drainfield as root intrusion may impair the drainfield. Any plants that do not have deep roots can be planted over a drainfield. Grasses and ground cover provide the highest level of evapo-transpiration (the cycle of plants taking moisture from the soil by their root systems and giving it off to the atmosphere using the sun’s energy) without the complication of root systems clogging drainpipes and gravel beds. Mulch holds moisture and decreases drainfield efficiency.

Proper Care Of Your Home Septic System

Walkways, patios, parking areas, decks or other permanent structures should not be constructed over either the septic tank or the drainfield area.
Vehicles should not be driven over the tank or drainfield area on a regular basis and heavy trucks and equipment should never be allowed to drive over the tank nor drainfield area.

Rainwater and other drainage water should be diverted away from the drainfield area. The drainfield’s size was designed for the amount of water coming out of the house, adding extra water from poor drainage (such as downspouts from buildings) may cause extra problems.