It’s important to have optimal functionality in order for your kitchen to run safely and effectively. However, if you have a clogged grease trap, this can cause a variety of problems that may affect the performance and use of your kitchen. Luckily, the Coker Septic and Plumbing team can help to quickly remove waste and sludge from commercial-grade grease traps. We use highly effective and proven methods and materials to help get your kitchen back up and running.

As an essential part of any commercial kitchen, a grease trap collects the animal fats, gunk, and cooking oils in kitchen wastewater, and prevents it all from entering major water and sewer lines. If your grease trap is ignored and neglected, it becomes more than a nasty nuisance; it carries the risk of violating a number of health code standards. Protect your business with routine grease trap cleaning and pumping.

From day one, the Coker Septic and Plumbing team has always been focused on providing expert workmanship with every project we take on. By offering routine grease trap cleaning services, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses avoid the nasty repercussions that result from neglect or misuse.

Our happiest and most loyal clients include:

  • Large and small restaurants
  • Hospital kitchens
  • School cafeterias
  • Large-scale food manufacturers
  • Commercial kitchens of all types

It is recommended that every kitchen has their grease traps cleared every three months. Busier kitchens processing significant amounts of grease and oil should consider having their grease traps professionally cleaned more frequently.

With several decades of experience, we’re the professional’s choice for expert plumbing maintenance and service. To schedule a thorough inspection and pumping service, contact our customer care team now. We promise free estimates, prompt service, and unparalleled results.